In construction, unsuitable soil can be a challenge and very costly to overcome. But with new technologies in development, this is no longer a challenge. Most soils are made up of four main elements which are gravel, sand, silt and clay.

However, Clay is the one element that has the most important effect on the soil due to its high capacity to absorb water which results in the movement and volume variation of the soil, hence making it sensitive to climate change. Because of these properties, clay soil is very instable.

What is CSTT?

CSTT is a natural vegetable oil which is used to treat and stabilize clay soil by modifying its ionic properties and making it hydrophobic and resistant to water.


  • Improve the workability of soil
  • Increase the density and bearing capacity of soil
  • Prevents the penetration and absorption of water
  • Increases the shear strength of the soil
  • Treat the soil permanently, economically and ecological
  • Simple and efficient method of application

By creating a very solid foundation and subgrade, CSTT makes it possible to:
  • Save time and money for unnecessary excavation
  • Avoid removing and replacing of unsuitable clay soil for construction
  • Reduce substantially the amount of gravel and cement required for foundations

  • Access roads 
  • Road foundation
  • Construction sites
  • Parking lots 
  • Building foundation 
  • Mining project
  • Forestry roads
  • Landing strips
  • Oil rig pads

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