Water is one of the most important elements of our planet. In today's world where population is growing so fast, a lack or excess of water can have a direct effect on our lives and can cause major problems. That is why we have developed sustainable technologies and methods to overcome these problems.

What is Superab?

Superab A200 is a synthetic polymer, capable of absorbing, conserving and releasing water in large quantities in aqueous solution. Superab has the capacity to absorb more than 200 time its mass of water. This granule increases volume when the polymer comes in contact with water. The water absorbed and kept within the molecular structure by the principal of Osmosis.



  • Regulate water in the case of surplus or shortage
  • Durability: the structure permits it to be kept in the soil for long period
  • Biodegradable and ecological


  • Reduce the watering frequency by 50 %
  • Optimize the use of fertilizers
  • Eliminate drying of the soil control moisture
  • Increase aeration of the soil and the root
  • Permit cultivation on a slop
  • Nurture the soil once degraded 


  • Agriculture 
  • Grass & turf
  • Gardening & Planting
  • Greenhouses

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